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Rick Ridky - Yacht Broker

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  • IYBA - International Yacht Brokers Association


Rick Ridky - Yacht Broker

Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

Rick developed a love of water, sun and the boating lifestyle by growing up in the sport fishing capital of the world, also known as the end, in Montauk, New York. Growing up on the water since childhood, living aboard the family's boat, the Mad Millie, fishing, boating, water sports and maintenance was always a hands on routine spring, summer and fall.

Living on, working on, running, and maintaining a multitude of boats and running a marina as a young man left a lasting lifetime irreversible passion and obsession.

Graduating College with a Bachelors degreee and pursuing a Doctorate Rick has never stopped his pursuit of development. On a trip to Florida after many years of schooling Rick stepped off the plane, thawed out and decided this was where he wanted to be.

Within a year he purchased a boat in Florida and began to get back on track. Rick has owned and operated several compainies in the medical field over the years and upon the purchase of his second boat ordering it new from a large yacht brokerage, Rick had a subpar experience, knew more and had more knowledge than they did selling their own product. He decided this should not be acceptable and should not happen to others, so determined to return the enjoyment to such an important purchase in ones life he became a licensed yacht broker to share his knowledge with others and the rest is history.

There is no better pursuit than enjoying your achievements through uniting water, sun and the boating/yachting lifestyle. Welcome to Aqua Sol Yacht Sales.