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What is a Boutique Yacht Brokerage?



What is a “Boutique Yacht Brokerage”?

First, we’re a company that focuses on a small inventory for each of our brokers. Rather than working with lots of buyers or listing lots of boats and losing track of our clients we work with only a small number of clients at any given time so we can get to know them individually and give them our time and expertise. 

We’re also interested in what you’re interested in, therefore we take the time to find out what’s important to you. We ask a lot of questions to find  out your specific needs and wants. Buyers and sellers both can have a wide variety of needs, wants and reasons for buying and selling. We aim to find those out so we can do the things that will make it happen. Gathering information on the boat you’re looking for or looking to sell is just the beginning. Our expertise goes to work, doing research, finding boats, marketing to the right buyers and working with other brokers both local and across the US. Lots of communication throughout the process is one of our trademarks. It really all goes back to the fact that we love boaters and boaters are our friends. We want to help our friends have the best experience (and get the best price) whether buying or selling their boat.


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